Web Literacies

It is difficult to detect whether a website is fraud or not. This is determined by accessibility, layout and presentation of the website. To be able to detect whether what you are looking is fraud or trustworthy takes time. A trained eye will know the difference, as it is simple to see. You want to make sure that a website is secure before citing it, straining information from it, or invest any money into it.

http://toronto.kijiji.ca/?rtlipmsg=1 is a website created for exchanging, selling and buying all from the public. This site does not sell anything, as it is just used as a messenger from buyer to seller. This website is not always considered trust worthy, as it can put you in touch with people who will sell you fraud.

http://www.dhmo.org/ is a website that does not look very official. The advertisements, poor layout, and sketchy design suggest that the website is less than worthy of being used for data.

http://www.costco.ca/ is a website that is extremely official. It is accessible, appealing design, and clean layout. Costco is one of the leading  Wholesale warehouses in Canada, and is known to be very reliable.

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