Jokes on You! summary

My application is called Joke’s On You! (a pun for the phrase “joke’s on you” and also the physical meaning of jokes in your pocket).

My goal for the application is have it be named the ultimate joke book, contains hundreds of the funniest jokes ever heard. I enjoyed reading joke books as a child because I was learning to read, which every kid needs to learn, but in something that made me laugh. 

My application will be targeting ages 6-18 years, which will give me opportunity to inserts jokes of every age appropriateness, and be relatable to the ages set. 

My app will start on a main “start” page, then will direct the user to the “menu” page which will contain the bottons; randomize, categories, favorites, and search, giving the user lots of options of where to direct themselves according to their mood.

My interview with my ideal subject went alright, he understands the use of the app perfectly, and agrees that it is nicely laid out, however, he stated that I should be aiming for a younger demographic, more to young children who read joke books daily.

I think my application would be benefitial for any user to take a break from working 24/7 and to appreciate some tasteful jokes.



Persona Template

Name: Kyle

Age: 16

Location: Toronto

He is a student at The York School, he is an athlete who trains multiple times a week, and a popular kid with his friends. He is a funny kids, who enjoys humorous social media like most kids of this younger generation. He voiced to me that humor helps everyone connect as its spreads good vibes.

The accessibility of humor is easy with big social media sites today, constantly sharing and rebloging information. By creating an application innovators are much more at ease to communicate with the public.

Kyle walked me through his experience of Vine, which is essentially a video based comedy. You start at the home screen, and depending on which users you follow will vary the contents that fill your home page. 

Kyle said he used to love reading joke book a child, which is why I decided to interview him. I connected my Joke’s on You! app to regular appreciated humor such as vine or youtube, to see what interests them most, perhaps a topic or genre of humor. 

He also stated that although he might not find use in the app, that a younger demographic would find it a lot more appealing and interesting.


Networking 101 – My questions

  1. What is a computer network? is known as a “telelcommunication network” that transfers and exchanges data from machine to machine. It communicates and works with machines in order to accomplish tasks such as email, file share and basic communication. The Internet is the biggest and most well known computer network, as it can be accessed by virtually every computer. 
  • LANs (Local Area Networks), smaller and used for private and/or personal uses. LANs are smaller scale, and usually not as powerful as WANs since WANs can support many more users.
  • WANs (Wide Area Networks), bigger range, can be supportive of a big group of users engaging with this network. WANs are so powerful because for example, they are used in schools, office buildings, and general public, which will be used much more than LANs which are usually used for private purposes.
  • Internet, the world wide network that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere. This network contains search engines, social media websites, and endless amounts of information, at the tip of your fingers.
  • Intranet, is a private network that cannot be accessed out of the intranet.
  • MANs (Metropolitan area Networks) refers to granting connections of two devices, given that they are in the same city. The signal and strength of the MAN will depend of the size of the city, if the city is a larger scale, the MAN will have to stretch of the whole city.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network), it can stretch and grant more access to a private network by using the public network such as the Internet. The VPN can be accessed only online, with security, it is a smart way of setting up internet connection, because the private service will be much faster.


4.) What is the difference between a client and a server?

A server is a base computer, or a master computer, where information can be taken by client computers which connects to the base computer for this use. Normally our computers we use would be considered the client computer, as the server computer is computers connected over the network for other computers to connect to.

New Media Innovators

As far as Kutiman’s “Thru-You” goes, it is a video of several musicians producing music together. However, they are not working directly with one another. Compiling the talents of several musicians can produce a sound which can never be achieved alone. These videos taken from the internet have a certain fluidity to them, as if they are interacting with each other, even though they are of completely separate natures. This 21st century piece combines aspects of collaboration and taking someone’s work and applying it into something else.

Antonio Vivaldi is a well known musician, whose intricate classical music has been shared around the world. His piece, “Four Seasons”, is lead by a violin, and conveys extremely strong emotions and setting through the upbeat and beautiful melody. The video of this song uses masks as a metaphor of feelings and movements, as they can be hidden or revealed in a different matter. Vivaldi is considered an innovator because he takes his music to the next level of intensity as unseen before.

Eric Whitacre is a well known conductor, broadcaster and public speaker. His most known piece is “Lux Aurumque” which is made up of 185 separate videos synced together to create a virtual choir. This video consists of 185 separate videos of different people in different countries. Eric Whitacre puts a spin on concerts and choirs as he is able to bring 185 strangers together to sing and make music together via the internet. “Lux Aurumque” is considered his ‘ground-breaking’ work.


  • At the age of 48, Evelyn Glennie has become one of the most influential virtuoso percussionists. What makes her so inspirational and influential at the same time comes from that fact that is she deaf. Glennie is able to create music just through feel, and sight, and demonstrates to everyone that music isn’t just sounds to your ears. This video demonstrates her ability to speak and also play various types of percussion instruments. Without the ability to hear the sounds she’s making, Glennie is still able to inspire her audience to take their other senses and feel the sound through different ways. She innovates new ways to experience love for music and sound.


    The music produced by John Cage is mesmerizing  as the piece analyzed, Dream created in 1948. John Cage is one of the more influential media artists, because of the beauty and composition of his music. He was ahead of his time, his atmospherical music is gifted, technically and musically. He was a great influence for modern dance, as his affiliation with choreographer, and partner, Merce Cunningham, as they were able to work together to jump ideas off each other and improve the works of eachother.
    source –


With Sam Legros, Jodie Quach, and Stanley Tsai.

Search engines are to find web pages on the internet, hence indexing them. The term “web indexing” is the process of finding web pages using a search engine like Google. Some search engines store the data on their own server or “corpus” (online storage of texts). Search engines not storing the indexes themselves use caches to save the information to their system. Caches, in regards to search engines are sort of like left-behind information of searches where the information is temporarily stored on a system or computer to facilitate and optimize future searches, because it retains some of the information. That is why some browsers recommend to clear caches in order for them to run faster.

Search engines use robots to literally scan web pages for relevance and information pertaining to a search that has been made. The easiest way to index, or find a page is simple HTML text. Because robots cannot scan through images for key terms as easily as tags for a blog post. When a web page is scanned, the information received in then stored in the index for future searches. An index is simply a database of information used for search. Ranking web pages on Google for example is the relevance of information towards the search terms as well as the traffic which the website receives. Web searches use very complex algorithms which determines the order of web pages on the index.

IP addresses can affect search engine optimization, it all depends on the shared IP address versus an independent one. Having a website that shares an IP with a popular, high traffic website will benefit your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). However, if you share your IP with a website which is slow and does not produce much traffic, it will affect your site indirectly. That is why there are pros and cons for both sides. Having your own dedicated IP address for your website means you are in control of how fast and where your site is coming from. That can be positive if you have an aptitude for website hosting, design, etc. However, competing with major corporations which specialize in website optimization and already have a high SERP, it will be difficult to bring your name to the top of the list as fast. Also security is an issue for both sides. Starting your web site from scratch, you need to implement your security yourself, whereas a shared IP hosting service may already have some security already in place. On the other hand, that shared IP may not have an adequate security as one you can develop yourself. As you can see, with any issue that may arise towards SEO, having either your own dedicated IP, or using a shared one, they both present good and bad qualities.

Keywords is essential to search engines. They are the main reason why your webpage is in the results of these searches and makes it possible to find your site. People use keywords to find websites that are relevant to the words. If your site contains the words, it is more likely that people will find your page. This will continue as search engines often retain previous searches for future searches. Using keywords in the tags is not enough, to maximize the use of keywords you must use them throughout your site. For example, in the titles, categories and of course, the content.

Search engines are becoming more effective in scanning webpages and like I mentioned previously, tags are not enough anymore, keywords must be used throughout the website in order to attract your intended audience. You can use these keywords in your html tags such as the title. The title html will be used as the title in the search results, When someone shares your link, the title tag will also be the title for the link and this title will attract people with similar interests. You can also use html tags to make your site more convenient for the users. By including links (the <A href=> tag), you can direct the users to different parts of your site making it more efficient and leaving a good impression for the user, encouraging them to revisit.

Robots.txt is acts as a protection online for information that you prefer some viewers not to view. It is simply a note that pops up before entering a site, to warn the viewer that a certain information will be shown. For example, when entering a website that contains inappropriate content, a message will pop up warning you that the inappropriate content is not appropriate for all ages, as it may involve nudity, violence or vulgar language. “You cannot prevent thieves from coming in but the good guys will not open to door and enter” (

By using tags and categories, a blog is more available and open for the world to search and evaluate. The use of an effective title cane easily vary the search results because each key word in the title will pop up. “When you begin thinking about a post’s tot;e. you shouldn’t select the most competitive keywords as your main keyword.” This being said, you also do not want to have irrelevant post titles, tags, or categories because this will be harder to narrow down what your blog is relating to.

Mobile devices have come so far, but they do have their limitations when compared to their computer counterparts. Many mobile phones have limits when it comes to flash player, and as well as video playing. While using SEO on mobiles devices your searches and results are constricted to what can be seen using your device. Many phones, such as the iPhone don’t allow for flash required files to play. These results, which may or may not be important to you; are pushed down past the ones that you are able to read properly. Although they are optimized to see what you need, not everything you could see on the computer will be there. Aside from the mentioned, there is not much different from the SEO we use on our computers.

Twitter is definitely and one of the largest users of SEO. The company itself, but mainly its users use the tweet system to their advantage. Companies, musicians, artists, all use twitter to promote their brand or work throughout twitter. Twitter accounts are made to tweet about their projects, what they do, what they stand for, and anything that relates to them. In turn, if these handles (usernames) become popular enough they show closer to the front page of search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Twitter is a platform fit perfectly for the use of SEO.


New Media in 2060 (Summary 2nd)

It is hard to say what the future has in store for us. Many believe it will be filled with flying cars and jetpacks, and we will live in a post-apocalyptic world full of technological enhancements that we are unable to fathom by brainstorming at this moment. “Here in the year 2060, researchers at CalTech have finally developed what physicists have been striving after for decades: the quantum computer. If the predictions about its capabilities are true, it’s not tough to imagine a scenario in which there are no more restaurants” (QSR Magazine). Greg Sanders, the author of this article, speaks on how the quantum computer will be revolutionary, that it will be able to duplicate and transform physical objects, over a newly developed fax machine built into the computer. This computer will apparently be able to replace businesses, restaurants and most other physical uses as it will be a solution to great amounts of human error. It will be able to handle tasks and will act as a robot, completely seamlessly.

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