Time Management

“Good time management is essential to success at university” is the opening line of UNSW Australia’s webpage, Support with Time Management. It says the keys to good work habits is to plan ahead, prioritize and be organized. These traits are not only important for University, but in life as well.¬†Work takes time to complete, but the more efficient someone is with their time to quicker it will get done. Time management is a vital skill to possess because it keeps the mind attentive, and motivated to complete tasks. Creating a schedule for assignments, according to the Academic Skill Center, could be extremely beneficial as one can see in front of their eyes what needs to be done for when.

I would say that my time management skills need some work, because like lots, my mind is cluttered and needs to learn how to be organized. I can confidently say that my organizational issues are being worked on with the use of an agenda. As a child, my thoughts were scattered therefor did not show good work habits. Now that I am older, I know the importance of time that needs to be spent focused, and I am teaching myself to be more disciplined in my work habits.

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