What is New Media Research?


Week 2

Section 011

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1. What is media 2.0 theory? How does it differ from media theory? Give us a few examples of the differences.

In Media 2.0, the internet has spread to all over the world which enables people from all over to share and connect through social media. Media may originate from one website but end up being shared across multiple networks. An example the use of short video clips that people have hyped up in the past year. These short amusing video clips get uploaded and people will make screenshots and GIFs to post on tumblr. These video clips are then uploaded onto Youtube, shared on Facebook, and sent through Twitter and the clip eventually goes viral. Media 2.0 enables us to participate and connects us as an online community. Web 2.0 is an evolutionary stage of the internet. It’s where the internet becomes more interactive and allows users to communicate with each other. Web 1.0 was text based, where site hosts did not allow for users to post, comment or subscribe. Good examples of Web 2.0 are YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia….

One of the first websites ever created:

Perfect example of Web 1.0. Consisting of text, where users cannot change anything about the website/content.


Example of Web 2.0:

Developed, managed, and populated by users… Anyone can change the site, edit, comment, subscribe, create content for it…


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