Oral Communication “is the ability to talk with others to give and exchange information & ideas, such as: ask questions, give directions, coordinate work tasks, explain & persuade” (Workplace Education Manitoba). Oral communication is a vital asset that contributes to communicating ideas.

The question being asked is “How do you use tinkering to build creativity?”. Tinkering is the act of taking an idea, and expanding, distorting or rearranging it. Tinkering is an act of creativity as it takes a creative mind to tinker with an idea. When an original idea has potential to become a bigger idea, that is when it can be tinkered with and can be altered for improvement.

Tinkering first found its roots with children through the creativity of many Tinkertoy products.  It gave kids the opportunity to play with blocks and experiment with the element of tinkering to expand on the previous assembly of these blocks. Though the idea of tinkering was not fully established at the time, it was an introduction to the bigger concept that has become “tinkering”.


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