Digital Identity

Digital identity is important, because your professional makeup is found on the internet, so friends, family and potential employers even have access to the information released into the world of the internet.

Information found on my partner: Gianluca Fillipetti

His birthday is March 10, he is from Woodbridge Ontario. He is a white, single male, who goes to Ryerson University. He has 1153 friends on Facebook. From looking at his photos on Facebook, he has been to Italy, Washington and Toronto. His high school, the Country Day School, appointed him athlete of the week on February 25, 2013, and they have published a short article about Gianluca’s athletic, as well as academic experience. He listens to Tyga, who is an up and coming rap artist. He enjoys playing video games, watching TV, and hanging out with friends. He plays the trumpet and clarinet. When it comes to Hockey, he is a fan of the Montreal Canadiens. He also has a tutorial published on YouTube, on the steps of how to properly kick a soccer ball, and this video was posted for a project in Physical Education.