Class Discussion

This class, New Media Methodology Resolutions, we are discussing the future of technology, where technology will lead us from here. Social media has already become a vital outlet in the world we live in today, and will continue to grow and be an even greater need for communication in the years to come. Professor, Alexandra Bal, talks about professional makeup as an important part of our personal image. With limited privacy today on the internet, your professional makeup is the only makeup that the public will be able to see, without even knowing who you are.

The discussions brought up in class are based on human knowledge being never ending; how technology is enhancing non-stop. Professor Bal makes a good point when she is saying “If we’re used to being in the moment, foresight becomes more difficult to do. If you’re not used to it, it’s not something you know”. She says that if we are ready for the future, we will be able to work with what comes next for us, but how can you be prepared for something if you do not yet understand it?