Persona Template

Name: Kyle

Age: 16

Location: Toronto

He is a student at The York School, he is an athlete who trains multiple times a week, and a popular kid with his friends. He is a funny kids, who enjoys humorous social media like most kids of this younger generation. He voiced to me that humor helps everyone connect as its spreads good vibes.

The accessibility of humor is easy with big social media sites today, constantly sharing and rebloging information. By creating an application innovators are much more at ease to communicate with the public.

Kyle walked me through his experience of Vine, which is essentially a video based comedy. You start at the home screen, and depending on which users you follow will vary the contents that fill your home page. 

Kyle said he used to love reading joke book a child, which is why I decided to interview him. I connected my Joke’s on You! app to regular appreciated humor such as vine or youtube, to see what interests them most, perhaps a topic or genre of humor. 

He also stated that although he might not find use in the app, that a younger demographic would find it a lot more appealing and interesting.



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