Networking 101 – My questions

  1. What is a computer network? is known as a “telelcommunication network” that transfers and exchanges data from machine to machine. It communicates and works with machines in order to accomplish tasks such as email, file share and basic communication. The Internet is the biggest and most well known computer network, as it can be accessed by virtually every computer. 
  • LANs (Local Area Networks), smaller and used for private and/or personal uses. LANs are smaller scale, and usually not as powerful as WANs since WANs can support many more users.
  • WANs (Wide Area Networks), bigger range, can be supportive of a big group of users engaging with this network. WANs are so powerful because for example, they are used in schools, office buildings, and general public, which will be used much more than LANs which are usually used for private purposes.
  • Internet, the world wide network that can be accessed by anyone from anywhere. This network contains search engines, social media websites, and endless amounts of information, at the tip of your fingers.
  • Intranet, is a private network that cannot be accessed out of the intranet.
  • MANs (Metropolitan area Networks) refers to granting connections of two devices, given that they are in the same city. The signal and strength of the MAN will depend of the size of the city, if the city is a larger scale, the MAN will have to stretch of the whole city.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network), it can stretch and grant more access to a private network by using the public network such as the Internet. The VPN can be accessed only online, with security, it is a smart way of setting up internet connection, because the private service will be much faster.


4.) What is the difference between a client and a server?

A server is a base computer, or a master computer, where information can be taken by client computers which connects to the base computer for this use. Normally our computers we use would be considered the client computer, as the server computer is computers connected over the network for other computers to connect to.


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